Mukim Sihat Programme

The Mukim Sihat programme is one of the Healthy Settings Programme, which began in 2006, and targets all mukim-mukim (sub-districts) across the nation. The programme aims to provide knowledge, increase awareness and act as a reminder to the local community on the importance of health and prevention of chronic diseases through a healthy lifestyle.

This programme is also hoped to improve cooperation between the government, particularly the Ministry of Health, private sector and the public to strengthen the commitment in practicing healthy living.


  • Increase community setting awareness on certain health issues such as healthy lifestyle and chronic diseases.
  • Encourage and proveide the capacity for the community setting to practive a continuous healthy lifestyle (‘sustainable behavior change’), such as practicing healthy eating and physical activities every day.
  • Implement activities or programmes base on healthy lifestyle as the main initiative, for which it is conducted or owned by the Majlis Perundingan Mukim/Kampong.


  • Launching of the programme at the mukim site (usually by the Minister of Health)
  • Launching of specific programme or activity, owned or run by the mukim
  • Election of Healthy Ambassadors of the mukim
  • Mass aerobics, followed by walkathon or jogathon or bicyclethon
  • Health exhibition
  • Health activities such as games, quizzes, etc.
  • Souvenir bags containing health leaflets, Healthline information, etc.

Normally run for half or a full day at each selected mukim.

For more information or interested Mukim Consultative Council participation for this programme, please contact:
The Health Promotion Centre
Tel: 2385800
Fax: 2384442
Email: hpc@moh.gov.bn