After submission of your application forms: 

Once your eligibility to participate in the programme is confirmed, you will be contacted by the Health Screening Nurse and be given two dates as follows:

  • 1st Appointment Date: For fasting blood tests. You will be asked to fast for 12 hours prior to the test. You are not allowed to take in food and drink before the test.

  • 2nd Appointment Date: Follow-up appointment to see the Health Screening Nurse. Physical measurements such as weight, height, blood pressure and size of your waist will be measured as well as being asked several questions relating to your health. You will also be informed of your blood test results, and be provided with relevant healthy lifestyle advice if needed.

Screening outcome: 

  • If your screening results are normal, you will be re-invited for screening after 3 years under NHSP. 
  • If you have abnormal results, you will be re-invited for screening every year, or referred to see a Doctor for further assessment and management.

If you are eligible for colorectal cancer screening, you will get your stool test done on the same day.